The Burlesons of Plumtree, North Carolina

Charles Wesley Burleson
1844 - 1929



Charles Wesley Burleson, son of Thomas Burleson of Hawk (Cane River) N.C., was in the business of mica mining and also ran a general store at Plumtree, N.C. It was said that he continued to work in the fields well into his 70's "just because he liked to"!

Tuppie Burleson
1873 - 1959



Charles Wesley Burleson (left) with one of his sons (center) and an employee who helped with the Burleson General Store at the right. The photo was made in front of the C.W. Burleson home about the turn of the century.

The C.W. Burleson homeplace: above c. 1920 (note original cabin to right) and below c. 1992 with porch added and original cabin removed

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